Leftovers? Make Some Broth!

So you have leftovers from the holiday feasting, especially those turkey bones, or maybe even some chicken bones.  So why not make some broth?  It is easy, especially when you make it in the crock pot.

Take your leftover bones and add them to your crock pot, along with roughly chopped celery, carrots, and onions.  You can add those little bits and pieces of veggies you have left over for additional flavor, it you would like.  Celery leaves also work very well for a salty flavor without the salt.  Add about five quarts of water.  Put a lid on the crock pot, set on high, and go away for about ten to twelve hours.  Then, turn the setting to low, and let simmer another twelve hours.  Let cool and strain, and then you have options:

  1.  You can use Mason jars and can the broth.  Follow the directions for your pressure canner.  This is helpful if you do not have a ton of freezer space.
  2. You can freeze the broth in the increments that you are most likely to use.  I have used both Ziplock bags and plastic containers for this, and both work equally as well.

I love having this broth on hand for quick soups or whatever else I am making that calls for it.

Not a meat eater?  Just delete the bones and add more veggies!!  Makes great veggie broth as a base for soups or whatever else you need.


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