Handle Your Holiday Leftovers

Leftovers…they have taken over your refrigerator.  And you need to start sorting all of that out and making sure that it does not go to waste.  So what do you do?

  1.  Freeze the meat in dinner or single portion sizes.
  2. If you have a ham bone, freeze that as well.  It would be great to flavor beans at a later date.
  3. Save the turkey bones to make turkey broth later.  You can do the same thing with beef bones.  I freeze mine and then make broth when I have more time.
  4. Make turkey or ham salad for sandwiches.  Simply dice your protein, add Greek yogurt or sour cream or mayo, and then add pickles or cranberries or any combination of ingredients that you like.
  5. Leftover beef can be served on tortillas or in lettuce wraps.
  6. Use leftover raw veggies and leftover protein for a stir fry.
  7. Make soup out of the remaining veggies.   Serve with leftover bread and/or salad.
  8. Make a frittata with some of the leftovers.  Add veggies, and maybe a bit of the stuffing or ham or turkey or all of them, to a skillet.  Sauté the veggies in your fat of choice just to warm them a bit, and then add egg whites or several beaten eggs.  Add cheese if you would like, and then cook the eggs until they begin to set (just leave them there – don’t stir).  Put skillet in broiler to finish cooking.  Cool for a few minutes and then slice and serve with the leftover salad.
  9. Make a hash.  Dice some of the leftover meat.  Add that and some potatoes to the skillet.  Add additional veggies.  Cook until potatoes are lightly brown.  Serve with the leftover salad.
  10. Have a leftover potluck with your neighbors.  Make this as informal as you can; maybe watch football or play games.  This works well with leftover desserts.
  11. Make open face sandwiches using the leftover bread.
  12. Cornbread does freeze well, so you can save that for later.
  13. Pack leftovers in divided containers so that you can take them to work for lunches.
  14. Take it to work or to an appropriate gathering and share it.

Be realistic.  If you are not going to be able to consume the leftovers in a reasonable amount of time, you may have to throw some things out.  I hate to waste, too, but there does come a point in time where it is just no longer safe.


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    Heading back to work, and you still have a refrigerator full of leftovers?

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