Last Thoughts – All Done by December 01

It is the day before Christmas, and did “All Done by December 01” work?  How did I do?

Not too bad.  Here is what was accomplished:

  1.  Shopping was done early.  I did not spend much time at all in the big box stores – one trip in and out.  OHMYGOSH that was so nice.
  2. Calendar was set early in the game, and we pretty much stuck to it.  This made it easier for my poor husband, who has a very strange work schedule, and hates missing events or running late to get there.  He was able to make events because we planned in advance.
  3. Cards were ordered a bit late, and they are going out a bit late.  Some people may be getting them close to New Year’s.  The fault on that on is mine.  We had the cards at the end of the first week in December, but I did not get them addressed and sent out in time.  I think next year, I will do labels to make the process faster.
  4. Meals were made in advance and frozen.  I also planned meals so that I could shop efficiently and make the best use of my coupons.  The drive through was not an option.
  5. I have not decorated every horizontal surface in my house.  I am feeling far less cluttered, and it will not take nearly as long to take all of this stuff down.
  6. I scheduled time just for me – not so that I could run around doing errands, but so that I could run. I had been training for months, but I still needed the time to train for a half marathon. I ran it last weekend, and beat my old time by over an hour.

The system does work, and despite being behind on the cards, it did give me the valuable gift of time.  Not only have we been able to do a few extra fun things as a family, it gave my son breathing room during those difficult last few weeks of school.  Those last few weeks are when there are tests and projects and finals in all of the class, which all demand attention and time.  This year, he had that.

Are there things I would do differently next year?  Sure.

I would order cards earlier and make labels.

I would wrap gifts along the way.

I would start brainstorming and shopping earlier next year, just to take even more pressure off.

But I absolutely will do this again next year.

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