Into the Valley of Death…But I Hear They Have Cookies

This was my Facebook post about a month ago, along with the information for the half marathon I had registered to run.  I’ve been training for what feels like FOREVER, and now, the start line approaches.

This is my first half marathon since December of 2011.  And getting back to this point has been a process.

You see, I started shortly before I turned 40.  I woke up and realized that I hated going to the gym, that I hated not being able to see any results, and I wanted something that was less hassle.  And, irrationally, I had been told that I should not run so that seemed like the perfect option.

So I limped along at a very slow pace, not realizing how much progress I was not making.  Getting down under a 17 minute mile was a big accomplishment for me, and although I was slow, I knew I was faster than everyone on the couch.  I kept working, got a little faster, slowly ran some races, and then…all of my motivation packed up and left me.

After a big time out to recover from donating a kidney, I slowly ran a ten miler just to show that I could, and then all of my running came to a screeching halt.

I was so done.

But earlier this year, after a year of Crossfit training, I was ready to run again – and run I have.  Any rational person would not be checking their weather app to see if the heat index is below 100 before they go run, but that was me all summer long, which as we know on the Gulf Coast, runs through November.

It was hot.  It was humid.  It was yucky.  I was frustrated.  I whined to my coach.

But I kept going.

And now, it all comes to this.

At 8am tomorrow morning, I will be at the start line with hundreds of people dressed like Santa to run 13.1 miles together.

Can’t wait!  This is going to be awesome!!

And I hear they have cookies…


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