Life Happens – Be Prepared

Stuff happens.  It just does.  And if you are trying to make changes to your life, especially in your eating, you have to always have a back-up plan; you have to excuse-proof yourself by being prepared.

This happened at my house last night.  It is finals time and my son had spent the entire afternoon studying.  It is also finals time for me, and I spent part of the afternoon sleeping because I was exhausted.  I had to be awake enough to finish giving exams.  And my husband was working late.  Supper?  Well…

I used to make a run for the drive thru on nights like this.  And by morning I felt every bite of that drive thru trip.  And by the time cross fit came, I was regretting even the thought of the fast food that I had snarfed down out of sheer stress and desperation.  But last night, preparation saved the night.  I had meals cooked and frozen in small containers so we could all just heat and eat.  Much better.

Be prepared for situations like this to eliminate the drive through as an option.  Plus we will all like ourselves better in the morning because of it.

You can:

  1.  Make snacks ahead of time and be sure you have some with you at all times.  We make nut and fruit mixes, jerky, apple chips, and such at my house, and we always have a little container of something with us just in case we get stuck someplace and are starving.
  2. Make meals ahead of time and freeze them.  I usually try to make a large meal on a weekend so that I can freeze half for later.  I also use my crock pot once a week to make freezer meals.  This way, we always have go to suppers or something to grab for lunch.
  3. Plan your meals a week at a time.  Do this before you go to the grocery store.  This will help ensure that you have the ingredients you need on hand, and also eliminates that mindless stare into the refrigerator after a hard day’s work thinking, “What the heck am I going to make for supper?”
  4. Do any meal prep you can ahead of time.  You can chop veggies during commercials in the evenings to make your meal prep much faster the next night.  Also make sure you take anything out of the freezer that you need so that it can defrost.
  5. Pack meals/salads/soups etc in small containers.  The more “grab and go” you can make your choices, the more likely you are to take advantage of it.
  6. Don’t forget water.  Use your refillable water bottle, or keep water in your car.

And when things go really awry, don’t beat yourself up over it.  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep moving forward.  As much as I want to be prepared and organized, things don’t always work out and I just have to roll with it.  I know I will never be perfect, but I always want to be moving forward.

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