You are Enough

I don’t know what it is about this season that brings out some of our biggest, hairiest, and ugliest insecurities.  Is it the barrage from the media of beautiful people in beautiful places in beautiful clothes doing ideal Christmas things and giving each other expensive jewelry and cars that makes us feel like trolls in our pajamas and fuzzy slippers?  Is it having to spend family time with that person to whom you have always been compared to in an unfavorable light?  Or is it just the feeling that you do not have everything under control and your life is not where you wished it could be?

Does this season have you asking yourself if you are smart/pretty/thin/strong/organized/wealthy/witty/athletic/talented/tall/skilled enough?

First, ask yourself what is enough.  Most people find that their definition of enough involves comparing themselves to someone else that they deem as enough.  But let’s say that your definition of enough involves being able to run as fast of a mile time as this person.  When you accomplish that, will the skies open up, the sun shine down upon you, the angels sing, and your life suddenly become so super awesome that you hardly know how to handle it?

Honestly, probably not.

But the “markers” that we put on our own definitions of good enough are oftentimes ways that we are critical of ourselves – focusing on what we can’t do or achieve instead of what we are really good at doing.  Going back to the mile time example, so what if you can’t run as fast as this person?  You may be able to run more distance, or you may have amazing talents that have nothing to do with running.  So why are we putting ourselves down simply because our talents and abilities lie elsewhere?  We are our own worst critics, our harshest enemies, and this just give us more food to feed out self-hatred.

Why do we continue to do this to ourselves?

We are ourselves.  We are worth it.  We are exactly who we need to be at this precise moment.  It is does not matter if we are not like another person because we are not him or her.  There is no one like us.  Don’t let anyone tell or make you feel differently.

We are exactly as God created us to be.

Be content.  Be happy.  Be you.

And that is enough.


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