Two Years of Crossfit

I knew my two cousins owned a Crossfit.  And I knew that I had to do something different than what I had been doing.  I had lost the will to run and was getting nowhere.  They said on Facebook that the first class was free, so I thought I would try.  Most importantly, I had secured the promise that they would not hurt me.  They were absolutely true to their word.

They did not hurt me.  They sent in another coach.

And despite every fiber of my being screaming in pain, I absolutely loved it.

Two years later, I am still there.

And I still love it.

In the two years I have been there, I have done more than I ever envisioned myself doing.  Never pictured myself lifting weights, throwing wall balls at a target, flipping tires, throwing myself on the ground to do burpees, or becoming part of an amazingly supportive community of friends; yet, here I am.  I love the challenge, the variation of the routine, and the personal investment of the coaches in each member.  I feel very strong.

I’ve also found the love of running again.  This fall, I have run a ten miler, a 5K, and yesterday, did a half marathon relay with my workout buddy.  We each ran our half, and both of us set PR’s.  I had been in a holding pattern of terrible, and finally have been able to push past the awful after training with Crossfit.

I am blessed and grateful, and am looking forward to another year of Crossfit.

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