It is December 01 – Am I All Done?

Well, here it is at the deadline – December 01.  Am I all done?

Honestly, not exactly, but I am pretty darn close.

I am down to two gifts – one of which I just need to call and order on Monday.  Yes, indeedy, call and order; this organization does not do online sales.  No biggie.  I can use a phone.  The other I am still trying to narrow down.  It is coming along, though.  And if I am at this date and have so few gifts left to purchase, I am calling it a win.

Cards are ordered and will not take long to get ready to be sent out.

Calendar is mapped out and we have taken time off for our own time together.  I even have a few races scheduled so I have a reason to keep training during this season.

Several nights worth of meals are in the freezer.  Plus the food for lunches this week is already prepared and in the fridge.

So I am heading back to school today for the last three weeks of the semester.  That, in and of itself, is pretty hectic.  Not having the additional pressure of having to “do Christmas stuff” is going to make a world of difference again this year.  I will have that valuable time in the evenings and on weekends to spend with friends and family, and not running through the mall in a panic trying to find that perfect gift. That was what was important to me this year.

Hoping that your All Done by December 01 worked well for you, and that you truly enjoy this less stressful Christmas season.


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