Take Control of Your Christmas Calendar

Here it comes – the Christmas season is beginning and so is the busyness that always seems to go along with it.  I mentioned in a previous blog that I would talk a little bit more about taking control of your own calendar, so here it is.

So many people, myself included, attend events because we are expected to do so.  And also attending these events is a myriad of people who we know and love, know and don’t love, don’t know, and some we don’t want to know.  Yet, we are there because we are expected to be there.  Why is that?  Who places this expectation on us?  Someone else?  Ourselves?  And there is the really big question – what would happen if for one year we did not attend the event when we were expected to be there?  What if we finally said that we could not make it this year?

I’m going to make the guess that the Earth would not open up and swallow us whole, we would probably not be shunned, and no one would send the flying monkeys out to get us.

More often than not, if we were really honest with ourselves, we would acknowledge the fact that other people are expected to attend said party as well and are not there.  Maybe they took at night out with their kids.  Maybe they had tickets to something.  Or maybe they just said to heck with the craziness and had a night in.

The Earth did not swallow them, they will not be shunned, and no one is sending out the flying monkeys to get them.

So why can’t we let the same rules apply to ourselves?  This is not a scorecard type of life, where we win if we do the most stuff expected of us.

All of this to say – setting boundaries is not selfish or wrong.  It is actually one of the sanest and loving things that you can do for you and your family.  You are sending the clear message that you and your family are important, and you have to take time for that – time that is not running from one place to another.

So block out time on your calendar – time for you and the people with whom you choose to spend this special season.

And this year, you take control of your calendar, instead of letting control you.

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