Taking People for Granted

This is a reblog from this time last year, but the sentiment remains the same. Enjoy!

Simple Thoughts

Taking People for Granted

A very sweet lady that I have known since I was probably eight posted this on Facebook for her granddaughters. I love it for that, and for the very simple message – notice and appreciate. This simple lesson is something that we can take from this season of gratitude and apply it year round. We will be better people for it.

We take so much for granted – people most of all – so think about the small opportunities that you have to notice and appreciate. That harried clerk who has to ask for your id when you use a credit card. Instead of harrumphing about what a pain it is, thank the clerk for being concerned about fraud and show your id with a smile. It will totally change the day for both of you. And on a side note, thank you to those companies who check id from…

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