Charlie Brown Thanksgivng – How Was It?

I cannot express how proud I was of the Student Council kids yesterday.  From the moment I was visible in the halls in the morning, they wanted to know what they could do and when they could start doing it.  When they were dismissed from class, they came running into the cafeteria, grabbed supplies, and started decorating.  They had the cafeteria decorated in ten minutes.  Then, they got silly.  That is normal.  But the cafeteria looked amazing, and they were so pleased.

The reaction of the students was priceless.  They were so appreciative of the decorations, the movie, and the effort that the Student Council had put into doing this.  I heard NOT ONE negative comment, which if you teach middle school or have a middle school child, is pretty darn impressive.  The cafeteria was relatively quiet, as some of the students saw “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” for the very first time.

For some of them, it was not the first time to watch the movie, and it was delightful to watch the joy on their faces as they watched it again.  Some middle schoolers are not terribly expressive, so it was fun to watch their faces light up.

My Student Council kids felt appreciated, and as if they had made a difference.

They cannot wait to do this again for Christmas…

To tell the truth, neither can I…


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