All Done by December 01 – Weeks 4 and 5

How is the All Done by December 01 going?

Well, I got behind on blogging last week, but I am not as far behind as what I thought I would be.

Week four – last week – was about planning entertainment for the season.  Most importantly, block out some days that will just be for you and your family.  Keep those blocked out.  This is a step toward slowing down the craziness of the season, which we all want to do.  Then, think about those activities that you go to just because you “always go.”  If it is not something that you and your family truly enjoy attending, take the year off from it.  Keep the remainder of your entertaining simple and casual.  Potlucks of any kind, cookie exchanges, or just meeting for coffee would be great ideas.  A simple cookie exchange, or in the interest of tacky fun, a Pinterest “nailed it” party could substitute for a more complicated party.

And let’s face it – very few people can really “nail” something from Pinterest.

Week five is about your food plan.  What can you make ahead of time to ease your stress?  I love my crock pot, so I need to spend some time using it this week to prepare some meals that I can put in my freezer.  I have several recipes on the blog.  If you are a baker, you can make your cookies and breads ahead of time and freeze them as well.  These will also be the weeks to clip those coupons and stock up on those meal prep items.  I caught a coupon for those tiny oranges this week, as well as one for organic raw sugar, and that almost never happens.  Check your ads and shop wisely because the food for the season does not have to cost a squillion dollars.

So what have I done?

  1.  Made a gift list and a budget.
  2. Purchased some gifts.
  3. Made some meals ahead of time.
  4. Started stocking up on some of the food items and am clipping coupons.
  5. Blocked out dates on the calendar.
  6. Registered to run some races so I have to keep training – me time!
  7. Reviewed the Christmas Card list

What do I need to do?

  1.  Purchase remainder of the gifts.
  2. Wrap gifts.
  3. Order Christmas cards – behind on this one; taking pictures this weekend
  4. Make some additional meals.
  5. Decorate
  6. Start Christmas baking

There is not that much left, and it is only November 18!  Plenty of time to finish the list.

No stress this season!


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