All Done by December 01 – Week Two

Week one of “All Done by December 01” was the budget meeting. We made our list, checked it twice, and determined our budget for this Christmas, all the way down to stamps for the Christmas cards.

Week two of this process is to begin brainstorming gifts and starting to obtain them. Let’s be honest – the malls at Christmas are a trip through Crazy Town that I want to avoid at all costs because I already have enough weirdness in my life.  So this is not all about trying to get the gifts purchased this week, but is really about trying to do a little bit at a time and avoid that trip through Crazy Town.

Now is the time to start accumulating those coupons and special offers. Seriously, how many coupons do you get from Bed, Bath, and Beyond?  Start gathering those now, and start using those now.  Watch your ads and start shopping.  Use those reward points you have been saving all year.  Also start thinking about some out of the big box store gifts for people.  What are their hobbies or interests?  Favorite teams?  Places to visit?  Remember, the focus needs to be not on finding the most expensive gift, but finding one that is meaningful to the recipient.  And the recipient will never know if you used a coupon.

Also, if you have children, now is a good time to start thinking about those teacher gifts as well. Another source of stress is trying to rush around at the last second to find the perfect gift, so start chipping away at that list now.

Now is not the time to harness yourself to a hundred different Pinterest projects unless you truly have the time and energy to devote to those.

Remember, a little at a time, and you will get it “All Done by December 01.”

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