Bits and Pieces Make a Blanket


scrap blanket pic

It’s been awhile since I posted anything about trying to use up my yarn stash. It just kills me to have to waste yarn, so I like to use my leftovers to make something useful.  And after years of collecting the remnants of projects, and working on this bigger project and fits and spurts, it is finally finished.


One of the guys I used to knit with took one look at the blanket and pronounced it “foul,” but I think it has character. Much like quilters used leftover material to make scrap quilts, I am using mine.  And I like that I still know what projects most of the yarn came from.  It is funky and functional.


And most of all, it will be warm this winter. Can’t wait until it is cool enough to actually use it.


2 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces Make a Blanket

  1. Mary White says:

    I would call it a Mawmaw afghan. Mama used to do this also. I have one she used on her side of the bed Daddy had another one. I think it is beautiful Made with love when it’s with the left overs. Be very proud of it. One day believe me Christopher will cherish it. Love you.

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