Practical Answers for “How do I help my child in your class?”

Now that we are several weeks into the school year, let’s remember that we are all in this for the same reason – to make sure that your child reaches his or her full potential. Parents and teachers must work as a team for this to happen.

Simple Thoughts

Parents want the best for their kids.  I live that.  

Teachers want the best for their students.  I live that, too.

So how do we work together to make that happen?  Here are a couple of suggestions so that parents can help their students at home without creating more homework or drama.

  1.  Cook with your child, or better yet, let your child cook.  Of course, you should do this on an age appropriate level, but cooking teaches so much.  First off, reading and following directions in a sequential fashion – in which subject will your child not have to do that?  Second, cooking teaches fractions.  Try doubling a recipe or cutting it in half.  Your child will have to think through all of the measurements.  Third, chemistry is involved.  What happens if you leave the baking soda out of a cookie recipe and why?  If you don’t personally know, now…

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