A Real Summer Break

It is that time again. The summer is drawing to a close, and school starts up again next week. Sigh…

But this summer has been different, which has been a very pleasant change.

This is the summer that I finally closed my classroom door, and left the building for the summer. Normally, I would work during the summer on curriculum, and then I added coaching to that last summer.

This summer – nothing. And it has made a huge difference.

My summer has consisted of hanging out with my family and friends, crossfit, running, canning and freezing veggies, and rest. Tons of rest. And I was feeling a little guilty about it, until my son said the other night that it was nice to have a summer of down time. He was “not a fan” of a super busy summer, and he liked that he could take naps and just hang out.

He wanted to just sit still for a while, and I get that. So did I.

And this is the week we will slowly start ramping up for school – doing things like making meals and freezing them, clothes shopping, and getting things organized and ready to go.

But this year, we are both rested and ready for the process and for the school year.

And that will make all the difference.

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