Going to the Games!!

When I went to the kidney center last summer for my one year, post-donation visit, my new donor advocate handed me a flyer for the upcoming transplant games.  Based on my current crossfit program, she said that I had to be able to compete in at least one of the events.  I looked over the handout – table tennis, bowling, track and field, ballroom dancing, and several other events I had no business entering – thanked her for her confidence in me, folded it and placed it in my notebook, and did not think about it much after that. 

Fast forward a year to now, and I am a year and a half into crossfit and five months into working on improving my running.  With the guidance of my ever helpful coach/cousin, I had run four miles this weekend in less time than my best 5K time.  I’ve made progress. I jokingly told her that at this rate, I should sign up for some 5K’s in the fall, and this time I might be able to get across the finish line in time to get snacks. 

Do it, was her response. 

So I got on the running calendar for my area looking for races in the fall.  What I found, was again, the transplant games, but this time, there was a 5K listed.  I could enter this as a living donor. 

I can do this. 

So I did.  I entered. 


So I have a month to train.  The course is hilly, so I have to work that out.  I know I can do this, but deadlines freak me the heck out.  I have no rational explanation; they just do.    

But I am going to the Transplant Games! 

This is going to be awesome! 

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