Will You or Won’t You?

I admit that I am a little late to this party.  A good number of people last week probably had at least one glance at the article on your Facebook feed about why this particular author would never crossfit.  I knew it was there, but in the rush of the last week of school, reacting to it was not high on my priority list as my brain was being reduced to oatmeal. 

The author lays out reasons why she would never crossfit.  Fine.  She has her reasons.  And agree with them or not, everyone is allowed to have an opinion.  I have an opinion, too. 

But here’s the deal…it does not matter if you love or hate crossfit.  It does not matter if you will never set foot in a box, or like me, you show up at the box and sweat and grunt and swear with the rest of the people there.  What matters is that you find something you like to do and do it.  It is entirely your choice – walk, run, ping pong, Zumba, aerobics, jazzercise, golf, tennis – whatever you want; just make a choice.  It does not have to be what everyone else is doing, but it could be.  You have your reasons, so go with it. 

And more importantly, stick to it.  This does not mean that you have to be the very best at it.  You just have to commit to yourself that you will do one thing better each day and then live up to that promise.  Don’t just post a bunch of stuff on Facebook and call it good; live up to that hype.  Be there.  Do something.  Do one more rep.  Practice one more minute.  Get that mile time down one more second.  Live that commitment.  Lead by example. 

We don’t all have to love the same things.  This is what makes us individuals.  But it is imperative that we find something that fits each of us and make the commitment to do it. 

And if we could find what we like, commit to it, AND not be critical of people who do not make the same choice we do, that would be even better. 


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