Simply Grateful

Reflecting on this weekend, I have so much to be grateful for in my life:

The gift of time just to spend together as a family

Walking on the beach and looking for shells

Celebrating milestones with friends

The funny texts from my colleagues

Finding plants on clearance and giving them a good home

The beautiful weather

My son who is has a quirky sense of humor

The tomatoes that are starting to set in my garden

The amaryllis that bloomed on Easter

The blooms that are starting on my daylilies

Coffee on my back porch on a beautiful morning

The funny little friends that my son has made

My sweet husband

The birds who have had a nest of baby birds in our birdhouse on the back porch

Seagulls and songbirds

And most importantly, the death and resurrection of Jesus.  My Redeemer lives! 

2 thoughts on “Simply Grateful

  1. sakaco says:

    It’s amazing what Gratitude does for our spirits! Thanks for the reminder. I am now following you.

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