The Open is Closed

This year’s CrossFit Open is in the books. It was marketed as something everyone could do. Clearly, it was not. It seemed aimed at the top tier of athletes. Still, I don’t live on Fantasy Island, so I never harbored any delusions that I would go to Regionals. But I wanted to show myself how far I had come on this journey. I learned so much.

  1.  Double unders – I did them.  I had never done them before, but somehow managed to do 60 of them.  I’ve snagged a few since then, but I also still have much to do to be more consistent with them.

  2. My workout buddy’s jump rope is indeed magic.  I really think that was part of the 60 double unders.  I bought one. 

  3. Sometimes sanity must trump ego. 

  4. I still love deadlifts.  They just get really heavy when you have to do so many of them over a short period of time. 

  5. I have the best workout buddy ever.  We push each other to be better during workouts, we understand each other’s struggles and frustrations, celebrate each other’s victories, and keep it fun. And she has a magic jump rope. 

  6. I can kip. I had been practicing hollow rock/Superman for so long.  Then I hung on the bar repeating these things out loud trying to will my body to perform these moves while I was not on the floor.  And I almost got my head kind of close to the bar in a potential attempt to do a pull up.  Actually, I was working on toes to bar, but does that really matter?  What really matters is that I did it. 

  7. It takes work – a ton of work.  Like considering calling in to work immobile kind of hard work.  I had to be willing to stay late and work hard.  And I was.

  8. Protein.  That is all.
  9. Rowing 60 calories is not bad.  Having eight and a half minutes to work on toes to bar is pretty cool, too.  I worked on them, and worked and worked and worked.  And I did not get one.  But I worked on them the entire time.  If I had quit, I would have missed the opportunity to actually get one. 

  10. Sometimes you have to just forget the clock and break things up into pieces that you can handle.  I was not worried about it because I was not going to Regionals.

  11. You have to have fun. 

  12. When lifting a bar over your head, move your head out of the way.  Don’t ask me how I know, and ignore the purple bruise on my chin. 

  13. I love it when people encourage me.  I love it even more when people will come along side of me and offer practical help – like we are going to knock this out three at a time, or use your legs, or look at the spot where you want to land, or count to three and then give this another try.  If someone yelled at me to pick up the bar, I may or may not have strangled them in my head. 

  14.  Don’t redline.  Watch your heart rate. 

  15. Burpees are terrible.  Bar facing burpees are even worse, because every dream that you have ever had about tripping over a speck of dust and falling on your face in front of a squillion people comes rushing right back at you.  But I did them and did not die.

  16. When I started the last WOD, I had only ever done 8 thrusters at 65lbs.  Breaking them up into sets of three, I did 84 of them.  Bring me a cheeseburger!  But, yeah, without the bread – I’m still Paleo here. 

  17. There is absolutely nothing that is better than being part of a supportive community with coaches who care and want to see everyone be their best. 

So at the end, I still have much to do. The Open is done, but I am not.

So this afternoon, I will be back at the box working. There is less than a year until the next Open.


2 thoughts on “The Open is Closed

  1. xine23 says:

    I am not going to lie, you have a much more positive spin on the games than I do!

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