My Crock Pot Rocks – BBQ

It is a cool rainy day here, despite the school districts calling this spring break.  Warm weather or not, this has been our week off of school, and Monday we return for the last quarter of the school year.  This means that the student and teacher alike in this household will be doing a ton during these last nine weeks at school, as well as keeping up with our CrossFit schedule.   Cook dinner when I get home?  Ummm….

Which means it is time for…Super Crock Pot to the rescue!!

If your crock pot is not a super hero, it should be.  It will save you so much stress. 

So right now, I have BBQ going in the crock pot. 

Here is what you need:

Protein – chicken, beef (I like chuck), deer, pork – you choose

BBQ sauce of your choice (I like Stubbs Smokey Mesquite)

Chopped onions – optional

Take the defrosted protein of your choice, trim most of the fat, and place in crock pot.  Cover with BBQ sauce of your choice.  Add onions if you wish.   Put lid on crock pot, set on high, and go away. 

When your protein is done (chicken takes about 4 or so hours, others a bit more depending on thickness), shred it, and let it cool in the sauce.  When it is cool enough, divide into portions and freeze. 

This is great for BBQ baked potatoes, BBQ sandwiches, or just by itself.  This is one of those great dishes for lunches, too.  Pack it in a small enough container, and it will defrost during the day while you work. 

Thank you, Super Crock Pot! 

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