What I Thought Would Happen…Didn’t

When the 14.1 workout was announced on Thursday, to say I was unhappy would be a complete understatement.  Double unders?  For real? 

Crap.  No good can come from this…

Friday, with great anxiety, I drove to the box after school to practice double unders.  I worked for a long time, sought advice, my workout buddy videoed me, I watched people, and after what seemed an eternity, I got four.  Four!  I was pretty excited, but still not confident. 

Saturday morning, with even greater anxiety, my son and I went to the box to complete 14.1.  I was warming up and could not get one.  I was ready to cry.  

But I wanted to show my son not to give up.  And I have been sharing this journey with my students as well.  I told all of them that I was going to work my tail off on Friday, and by Saturday I was going to do double unders or die trying. 

I full well expected to die trying. 

What I expected to happen…didn’t.  After a few attempts, I managed to string three together.  Then I kept trying, thinking I was not getting them because I was not stringing them together.  That was until I could hear my judge counting.  She was telling me that I had fifteen left, then ten, then four, and then she said the magic word, “thirty!!”  I had done an entire round of double unders, and I did not die. 

I did my lifts, and went back to try and do more double unders.  And my judge kept counting.  I stopped hearing much of anything else except for those numbers, and her telling me to relax and keep going. 

And when time was called, I had scored 83.  This means I had completed 60 double unders. 

Holy cow!

And I did not die. 


2 thoughts on “What I Thought Would Happen…Didn’t

  1. pvcs says:

    Same! Did my first double under Saturday morning! Lowest score in my group (118) but I fully expected a big fat zero. I was pumped! ….Good job & way to set an example for your son!!

    • Great work for you, too! I was pretty excited about my score, although truthfully, it will be one of the lower ones in my box. But who cares? We are competing.

      My son went in the group before me, and he did pretty well. He had a hard time when his shoes came untied, but I was proud that he did not give up. 🙂

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