Countdown to Crossfit Open

I just checked the Crossfit games website to make sure of a few little odds and ends, and ticking away furiously on the right side of the page is the countdown timer.  A little over five days remain until the first WOD is released. 


I am going in to this knowing that I will not be advancing, and that if a WOD involves double unders or pull-ups early, I am in big trouble.


I am also going in to this much different than I was at this time last year.  First off, I did not enter and never thought I would.  I never thought I would be good enough to do it.  This year I know that I have made so much progress and can do parts of the WODs, which is a whole heck of a ton better than not showing up at all.  And even though they are not pretty and they hurt, I can do 65lb thrusters.  I can string together burpees.  I can do regular push-ups. I can clean at least 85 lbs, and I can get it over my head.  My squats are getting better and I can Rx wall balls – not pretty, but I can.  Sit ups? Pssshhh – got that one down, and I am getting faster.  Run 200m – less than a minute now.  Deadlifts?  My fave!!  And I can jump on the short box (not quite Rx) every stinking time. 

I could do none of that last year.  None.  Zero.  Zilch. 

This year, I can. 

My coaches are amazing, my workout buddy is awesome, and my friends at the box are incredibly supportive. 

And even though I know I am not going to win it and go on to regionals, I have already won in more ways imaginable. 

Five days and counting until 3…2…1…GO!


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Crossfit Open

  1. xine23 says:

    I will be cheering for you as I do my attempts at the open! You will be great 🙂

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