Wish Your Way to Nowhere

I often hear people wishing that they could change something.

“I wish I could….”

That’s it.  Just wishing, but not doing anything about it.

Well, we can wish all we want, but until we are willing to DO something about that change, not too terribly much will happen.

After all, if you continue to do what you have always done, you will get what you already have.

Change is uncomfortable.  But until you are ready to be uncomfortable, change will not happen.

Honestly, you have to be willing to get very uncomfortable.

When I started CrossFit, uncomfortable was an understatement.  Immobile was a better word.  But I was willing to get through it to see change, and I have seen great change.  There is always a new way to challenge yourself – more weight, more reps, and for me, working toward doing a pull up.  I spent time after the WOD working on that most of the week, spending Friday looking like I was randomly jumping up and down on a box and holding on to the bar, when in reality, I was trying desperately to hold myself up on the bar.  I looked and felt ridiculous, and after awhile it started to hurt, but I was willing to be that uncomfortable.  And by Saturday morning, my shoulders were on fire!  Still, I did my 100 push-ups to keep working on strength.

Why?  Because I want change, and change is uncomfortable.  It requires me to do something.  I must take action.

Wishing will not make that pull up happen.  Saying I am working on it and doing nothing will not make it happen.  Making myself uncomfortable by putting in the work will make it happen.  Not overnight, but eventually…

So stop wishing and start moving.  What action are you willing to take and how uncomfortable are you willing to be to make change happen?

Answer that question, and then get started.


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