Bags In – Bags Out


This week – more bags!  I used the Super Bowl and inservice time this week and got two more bags done.  This means at least four more skeins of yarn out of the stash. 

The colors of these bags make me happy.  They are very springy and cheerful in the midst of this very cold winter here.  We had more wintry mix this week.  That’s quite a bit for those of us on the Gulf Coast.  I can’t wait for some warmer weather…maybe something in the 50’s would be nice. 

This week, a donation truck picked up the bags of stuff we had gathered in January.  By the time the truck showed up, we had managed to gather up a few more items that we were not sure why we were keeping.  So we are feeling much lighter and a little more space around the house right now. 

Today, I plan to spend a little time cooking some of those grain free goodies that we like to snack on during the week.  I’m also going to be throwing a few things in the crockpot this week so I can freeze half, or the whole thing, and have those meals on hand for when I come home from CrossFit and my arms won’t function. 

Tonight, I will spend knitting and watching the Olympics. 

So there it is.  Slowly making progress on the knitting, and cooking, and decluttering.  All good!

2 thoughts on “Bags In – Bags Out

  1. Dan says:

    Do you sell those? They look great. Moms 87th birthday coming up. She is retired Teacher. Enjoy your blog. Dano

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