Gratitude in a Rough Week

It has been a very rough week, but there is still so much to be grateful for at the end of it.

I am grateful for my colleagues who I also call friends.  We are supporting each other through this difficult time at work. 

For my husband who has helped around the house this week and listened to me rant.

For my son who is really doing his best to manage school and social life.

For my workout buddy and friend who pointed out to me that I was lifting over my max this week.  And she never leaves me behind. 

For my CrossFit coaches who always encourage me, even if it means standing with me telling me to not drop the bar. 

For everyone at the box who encourages those who struggle, or those who just aren’t finished yet.

For the supportive community that my CrossFit box is. 

For everyone who honestly does their best, and doesn’t lie about it to make themselves look better. 

For my warm and cozy house because it is freezing outside. 

That as stressed out as I have been this week, I did not walk by the hospitality table and grab 4 bags of Oreos.  I just walked by the table. 

For my students, who are silly sometimes. 

For hot coffee. 

For my dog who greets me at the door like I am the most important person in the world. 

For that one kind email from a parent this week.  I don’t get those very often. 

2 thoughts on “Gratitude in a Rough Week

  1. xine23 says:

    You rock! Keep your chin up, you are inspiring and I hope to do the games next year thanks to you!

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