I Hear We Are Doing this Wrong

I’ve been in my field for 19 years now.  I’ve seen a ton of trends come and go, and then get recycled and repackaged and show up again.  It is a tough thing to go to training after training and hear what the hot theory of the moment is, especially when you full well know that it is simply a copy of what was cool in the 80’s.  And it makes me feel old. 

As long as I can remember, the underlying message is that we are messing it up. 

And while I believe that we should always seek to improve, I’m not sure that “You are messing it up” is the right message. 

Because I look around at all of my colleagues and know something different.

We all work very hard at what we do.  We want the best for those we serve.  We seek excellence. 

But we are human.  We have good days and bad.  We get tired.  We get overwhelmed. We feel pain and joy.  Sometimes we make errors.  And sometimes we choose to take a night off.  That does not make us bad people.  It does not mean we should leave our field, as some have suggested. 

I think this makes us models for how to deal with the ups and downs of the crazy world we live in. It makes us models for how to persevere through adversity, and to celebrate every little triumph – how to laugh and love without condition.  It allows us to demonstrate what to do when you do mess up, how to make amends, and how to demonstrate forgiveness. 

Is this not the right thing to do? 

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