DO Something!

I’ve made some pretty significant changes in my life over the past year.  It was important to me to improve my health and the health of my family.   

And I am often met with the well-intentioned question:

“How do you do that??”

Because I do. 

It is not really a smart butt answer.  It is the truth.

If you want to make a change in your life, you have to DO something to make that happen.  It would be great if we wanted to change something and BOOM it happened. 

But then again, given some of the things we have wanted to change on a whim, maybe that is not such a good idea…

The truth still is that if you want to change something, you have to DO something.  If I want to be healthier, I have to exercise, which means I have to DO something by showing up to CrossFit and doing something while I am there.  Not really just doing something, but working my tail end off.  I cannot just show up and expect something to happen; I have to be an active participant. 

If I want to make smarter food decisions, I have to put down the boxes of processed food and pick up healthier choices.  I have cook meals each week from scratch.  I have to cook grain-free.  And I have to prepare things ahead of time.  I have to DO something.

And if you want to change something, you have to commit to DO something. 

The change will not be automatic, it will not always be easy, and there will be times when you will fall down.

Get up, brush yourself off, and keep doing something to move yourself in the right direction.

And at some point, someone will ask:

“How do you do that??”

Because you do. 


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