Brussels Sprouts and Bacon


Brussels sprouts.  Growing up, I hated these little shrunken heads of cabbage.  But then one of my CrossFit coaches brought these little bundles of joy to a Paleo tasting we were having at the box.  Willing to give them a try was I. 

Mind blown. 

They were yummy. 

She was gracious enough to share her recipe for that particular Brussels sprouts dish.  Cool.

Then I got brave and started to try some things on my own with them. 

You will need:

A few slices of bacon

Fresh Brussels sprouts



Cut the bottom ends off of the Brussels sprouts.  Then cut them in half.  Set aside.  Chop up the onion. Set aside.

Cut the bacon into smaller pieces and add to skillet (I like my iron skillet for this).  Let the bacon cook until the fat starts to render.  Then add the Brussels sprouts and onion and cook until the bacon is almost done and the sprouts are getting a good char to them.  Then run the garlic through your garlic press, add to skillet, and cook a few more minutes.  The bacon should be done by this point. 

Add pepper to taste and serve.


2 thoughts on “Brussels Sprouts and Bacon

  1. I’ve never had Brussels sprouts, and if I have, I didn’t like them enough to try them again. Recently, they’ve been popping up in a lot of the blogs that I follow and they always look so delicious! I’m starting to lean towards making these. If I do, I think yours is the recipe I’ll follow. 🙂

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