Ice Day Gratitude

Today is a snow day.  On the Gulf Coast, this is almost unheard of, as this is our second snow day in two weeks. 

Maybe ice day would be more accurate. 

At this point, the forecasters have no idea what is going on.  It will snow.  It won’t snow.  We will get ice.  We will get sleet.  We may get nothing. Who knows?

What I do know is when my husband took the dog out right at sunrise, there were a few flakes blowing around.  Very few.  But enough to notice. 

Whatever happens, I am grateful for the decision that the school districts made to not ask people to get out and drive in this mess. 

And I am grateful for so much more.

The fireplace.

Warm, fuzzy socks.

Being able to sleep past 5am.

The respite for my son who was going to have two tests, a quiz, and a major paper due today.

Hot coffee and hot chocolate. 

The time to knit.

Baking muffins.

The possibility that we still might see some snow.

Having time just to hang out with my son. 

My dog, who will guard us all day.

My cat, who will sleep on my feet all night. 

I am grateful. 

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