Bags, Clutter, and Food – Trying to Get It All Together


January seems to go on forever, so that gives those of us who are trying to “pull it together” plenty of time to work.  I’m still working on my stash of cotton yarn, and have completed two bags this week.  The blue one I got finished during the football games on Sunday, the orange one I worked on in little bits during the week, and larger bits during the ice day yesterday.  I’ll keep working and see how much more I can get done this week, but working through all of this yarn may have to extend into February.  I have a few days of inservice during that first week in February, and that is prime knitting time. 

We’ve decluttered and moved all of that junk out of the house.  We’ve also packed away items that we simply do not have the space to continue to display.  I have a few more little corners that I want to really clean, but it is not cluttered – just dusty.  I will also start seriously evaluating the wardrobe next month and see which spring items need to go to the resale shop. 


The biggest thing I got done this week was cooking.  Since we had an ice day, I took advantage of it and made several meals ahead.  Most of these are in the freezer to use as quick meals during the weeks ahead.  I made butternut squash soup, mini meatloaves, pumpkin chili, round steak and tomatoes, and chicken enchilada stew.  Not pictured are the ingredients for the muffins my son made, which was his contribution to the day.  We ran out of eggs, or he would have made two more batches. 

I know that I will never be as organized and together as my mind tells me I should be.  But, I feel like I am making significant progress in at least making the best use of what I have, and lightening my load of stuff when I know I am not making any use of those items. 


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