Ice Day


We started seeing teeny tiny snowflakes about 8:30 last night.  They weren’t huge and fluffy, but they were tiny and mixed in with the ice pellets and rain.  But when the wind died down, we could see them floating around. 

Schools started announcing closures and delayed starts yesterday afternoon.  The Department of Transportation started asking people to stay off the roads as well, but in case people had to be out, they were starting to spread the de-icing spray on the overpasses and flyovers.   

And when I hauled myself out from under the electric blanket at 5am this morning, most of the schools in the area had already closed.  I got official word that my school was closed about 45 minutes later, but I had already gone back to bed.  Since we are a private school, we followed the decision of our closer school districts, and they had all announced they were closing by 5:15. 

With all of this preparation, you would think we were expecting a blizzard and ice storm here.  But the truth is that we are expecting a winter mix and ice, which is enough to make us completely immobile as an area because we live on the Gulf Coast and are simply not equipped to function if it is below freezing.  Ask me to function in over 100 degree heat for days, hunker down and ride out a hurricane, or navigate flood waters, and I am all over it.

Function when it is icy and below freezing?  Ummmm…no. 

My husband had to go in to work today, because hospitals do not have the option to close for bad weather, and someone has to keep the technology running.  That someone is him.  He had a route that did not involve overpasses or bridges or flyovers, so he made it safely.

My son and I are hanging out at the house today, watching the continuous coverage of people stuck or sliding on overpasses and flyovers, children jumping on frozen trampolines, and animals in ski parkas.  We’re going to do some baking today, drink hot chocolate, and just hang out together. 

We are all pretty grateful that we did not have to drive the 45 minutes to school today in these conditions.  The news is covering part of the route we take each morning, and it is a mess.  I am actually pretty grateful for all of the schools and businesses who are telling people to stay home and stay out of the mess. 

So we are going to stay home, stay warm, and be amazed by the icicles on our palm tree.   



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