Do the Next Thing – Breakfast

Eat breakfast.  The concept seems so simple, but it is by far one of the most challenging things for some people to actually get done.  Let’s face it, mornings are difficult.  First there is that whole getting out of the bed thing.  That is pretty tough in itself.  But when you add having to get others ready, lunches prepared, and everyone out the door pressed and dressed and on time.  And, of course, the one morning that you do plan to eat will be the one morning the dog decides to get sick all over the floor. 

Mornings are stressful.  I get that. 

But you have to eat breakfast. 

I’m not going to spend a ton of time going over all of the science of eating breakfast. I am not a nutritionist, doctor, scientist, fitness coach, or anything like that.  I am simply a “been there, done that” person.  I’m talking reality here.  You’ve not eaten anything since last night, and if you wait until lunchtime, you will:

  1.  Be crabby and not function well all morning
  2. Stop at the nearest vending and eat all sorts of junk
  3. Eat a huge lunch because you are starving
  4. All of the above, which could be a real disaster

So the solution is simple:  eat breakfast. 

Better yet:  eat breakfast that does not come out of a box. 

In my house, we do make our breakfast ahead of time and then refrigerate or freeze it in small portions.  I use the bacon and egg cups recipe that I wrote about in an earlier entry, and those will keep for a few days.  My son will make a big batch of breakfast chili and eat that. 

It does not have to be a big hairy deal.  Get up a few minutes earlier if you need to, fix something simple or make it ahead of time and reheat, and eat breakfast. 

Every time you pass that vending machine, you will be so glad you did.   


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