Bag It – Slow Progress, But Still Going…


I did not do my Friday update on my attempt to use my cotton yarn stash because…well…I have not been knitting.  I did get this bag completed, but that has been about it.  Honestly, my arms have not wanted to work in the evenings.  At all.  It could have something to do with all of the deadlifts and pull-ups and toes to bars and cleans and stuff at CrossFit, but I am not really sure. 

I am hoping to get a little more work done today on using up all of this yarn.  Football will be on shortly, and I can multitask while watching the game.  That should help a little bit. 



I can say, however, that I am making progress.  I am down to this green bag of yarn, which is not quite full, and a much smaller bag of half used yarn.  My plan today is to look through that bag of half used yarn, and anything that I don’t have any more of, will be made into a bag or another hideous blanket.  That should take care of those. 

So I may not have this part of the stash entirely used up yet, but I am doing something with it.  I am looking forward to what I can get done this afternoon. 

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