My Crock Pot Rocks – Round Steak


This is something a little different for your crock pot than the traditional stew or soup. 

You will need:

Round Steak

A can or two of crushed tomatoes

Italian seasoning

Add all of the ingredients to the crockpot, cover, set on low, and leave overnight. When you wake up, your house should smell amazing and the meat should just fall apart in the sauce.   Break the meat apart, and let it cool in the sauce. 

If you would like a little different flavor, add a few glugs of your favorite wine when you add the ingredients. 

Serve with veggies and a salad.


2 thoughts on “My Crock Pot Rocks – Round Steak

  1. That looks pretty good! There’s nothing simpler than throwing things into a crock pot, setting, and forgetting it! Love that! Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

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