I Am Committed

I did it.  I got all my courage together and registered for the CrossFit Open. 

I have until February 27 to prepare for five weeks of grueling WODs, some of which I may or may not actually be able to complete. 

I can’t do a handstand push up, or an unassisted pull-up, and I am not so good with anything with a squat.

But I have supportive coaches who are doing their dead level best to prepare all of us.  I have an incredibly encouraging community at the box; friends who will help pick me up when I fall.  Falling for me is a given, as I clearly demonstrated last week when I wiped out doing a squat clean. 

And I have the desire to show myself that I can do it – it may not be pretty, but I can do something. 

I am terrified.

This is going to be awesome!!

2 thoughts on “I Am Committed

  1. Yayyy for giving it a shot! I think you can do it! At the very least, you’ll end up doing more than you thought you could. You have an awesome sounding support system (which includes me)! 🙂 I can’t wait to read more.

    • Thanks! I am terrified and excited. I was able to add more weight tonight, so hopefully putting in this kind of work will help me get through one rep or one round of stuff that is challenging for me. And I need to work on things outside of the box… We’ll see what happens. All this starts in late February, so I have to ramp it up significantly.

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