New Year, New You? Really??

As on any given Sunday, today I sat down at the kitchen table with my Pooh Bear coffee cup and a pair of scissors.  It was quiet in the house, and I wanted to drink my coffee and clip those rare few coupons I could actually use. It is a challenge to find those when your family does not eat processed food, but every once in a while, I can find one for fruit, and paper good coupons are always a help. 

But this Sunday, more so than the rest of the Sundays, I was irked by what I saw.  Yes, I know this is a brand new year, and the food companies are still trying to get people on the healthy eating bandwagon – although with some of the foods they are trying to pass off as healthy, I am not sure how that will happen.  But this whole concept of “New Year, New You” that I see over and over is really sending me over the edge this year. 


Because it implies that there is something so wrong with the old me that I need a new me.  And advertisers and food companies are making a killing off of this line of reasoning. 


There is nothing wrong with the old me.  In fact, I like the me I was on December 31, 2013 just the same as I like the me today.  I don’t need to trade myself in for a new model because the old one was past its prime. 

Am I perfect?  Certainly not.  I would like to be better, healthier, stronger.  But I don’t need a brand new me to do this.  I need to improve every single day.  Every day that I make a better choice, every day I make a healthier choice, and every day that I lift more, I am making a better me.  Not a new me, but I am taking the me I am and moving in a positive direction.  I love the me I am enough to take good care of it, and to make the most of it.

This does not require that I am a new me. 

Because there is simply nothing wrong with the person I was on December 31, 2013. 


So I don’t need a new year to make a new me.  My current me is just fine. 


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