Bag it!

So in my quest to go through the house and see what needs to be used, donated, or trashed, I am making progress.  Bags are emerging. 


Yep.  First, we have gone through cabinets and closets and filled at least two big black trash bags full of items to be donated.  Bagging that stuff up and getting it out of the house is almost freeing.  Less stuff feels lighter, especially things that we have not used in what seems like forever.  So…off it goes…

Then, we – actually my husband – finished going through the office and hauled out another bag, not quite full, of paperwork that just needed to be shredded and trashed.  The remainder of it was filed.  A bag of stuff out; clean is in. 

The rest of the bags came from my quest to use up the remainder of my cotton yarn.  I have knitted these cotton market bags before and sold them at a local organic co-op, thus the stash of cotton yarn.  Then, life happened and I lost my extra time to do these, much less get to the co-op.  So, I sat down on the last week, played with the pattern quite a bit, and got these done.  I have another half of a bag completed, but I did not take a picture of it to share.  There are a ton of things I can use these bags for – groceries, papers, stuff for trips, a beach bag, and all sorts of good stuff. 


So there it is…the week of bagging it.

Oh, and I did make a blanket for the cat to use out of some of the scraps as well.  He kept stealing the dog’s blanket, so I am hoping these two will behave now that they each have their own blanket. 



5 thoughts on “Bag it!

  1. Lisa says:

    I love your bags!

  2. Okay, you officially have to teach me how to make these. I can’t take it anymore with all the things you knit. LOL! I’m SO jealous!

    Have you thought about selling the bags on etsy? The idea of a knitted grocery bag never occurred to me. I’m sure others are in my same boat. It’s an excellent concept. I love it!

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