Do the Next Thing – De-clutter

One of the issues that we wanted to work on at my house this year was to do some de-cluttering this month. I know that other people share this issue, as I often see people post on Facebook that they need to clean out and get organized for the new year.  I know I am not alone.   The clutter is some paperwork that we need to go through and file, but mostly things we need to evaluate and see if we are actually using them anymore.  If we are not, we need to either make an effort to use them, or donate them out, or send them to the resale shop. 

And with school starting today, time will become very short.  It is overwhelming to think about spending an entire day cleaning closets or filing paper work.  I get that.  People have busy schedules, time is precious, and clutter will continue to pile up. 

You don’t have to do all of this all at one time.  I find it very useful to break up the job into ten to fifteen minute increments.  Go through one shelf of your pantry and clean out.  The next day or two, do the next thing and go to the next shelf.  Within a week, you should have the job completed. 

I am currently working on the office at my house.  One day, I spent fifteen minutes digging through my junk in the closet that had accumulated.  Most of it was yarn, which I could quickly group, bag, and get put up in the closet.  The next day, when we put up Christmas decorations, we got the storage tubs put up in the right place in the closet – ten minutes to get it all arranged.  Boom – closet complete.  The next day, one corner of the room got de-cluttered, and the next day, the next corner.  This weekend, the paperwork; one day trashing the stuff we no longer need, the next filing all of the stuff we keep. 

Using this system, we have worked on the clutter collection area in the master bedroom, gone through the kitchen, have started the office, and are on to the garage next.  The garage will have to be done a set of shelves at a time.  We also weeded through the Christmas stuff.  All of this we did in fifteen minute increments, and from there, we did the next thing. 

Do one thing at a time, and then do the next thing from there.  If you keep it up, it adds up to big changes. 


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