Its (S)crappy

January is the month that a good number of us use to go through all of the stuff and weed out what needs to be donated, sent to the recycling center, trashed, or used in some way.  I hate wasting, so I do try to donate, recycle, or use as much as I can.  The first thing I tackled was the office, home of paperwork and craft supplies, more specifically, my yarn stash.  I did find some yarn that I will donate, and the rest, I needed to do something with.  So knit something, I will…

This month I am taking on the challenge of doing something with my stash of cotton yarn, both the scraps and the skeins.  Thus, the world’s most hideous dog blanket has emerged from the scraps.  Here’s the deal:  yes, it is not the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the word, but I used up at least a dozen balls of scrap yarn and the dog likes it.  It is functional.  I took scraps and made something of it. 


So the rest of the yarn, instead of feeling unloved and abandoned, will be turned into some sort of useful item – bags, dishtowels, washrags and such.  It may not be pretty, it may not match, but it will be functional. 

So for those of you also going through the process of weeding through your stuff, what can you take that you already have, combine it with some other odds and ends, and make it functional?  It does not have to be pretty, especially if no one sees it, but it does have to work for you.  Look around and think outside of the box.  You will be amazed.

Also, for those of you doing some weeding out in your life, the same principle applies.  You can take what seems useless bits of information or feelings and make it into something that works and makes your life a bit more functional.  Your life does not have to be magazine perfect, but you have to put it together in a way that works.  Sometimes, those little “leftovers” are exactly what you need to add to make things work. 

And you will love what you can create with nothing but scraps. 

I think my dog does. 


2 thoughts on “Its (S)crappy

  1. Is it bad that I really like this blanket? I find it charming. 🙂 I love that you created something from what would normally be the rejects. I also love all the uses you’ve thought up. You’re very crafty. I envy that. Lol! Oh, and cute dog!

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