Leftover Lotto – Turkey Salad

During halftime, I was feeling a little ambitious both because the Texans were actually winning and for the first time in almost 24 hours, I was not running fever and was almost human.  Lunch sounded really good.  I opened the fridge knowing I did not want leftover roast again, nor did I want the BBQ that was there.  What I found was leftover turkey, sour cream, and dill pickle relish.  WIN!  Turkey salad it is!

Take the turkey and chop it up. I have a Pampered Chef chopper, so I used that.  Place the chopped turkey in a bowl and add the dill pickle relish.  I add quite a bit because I love pickles.  Then add your sour cream.  How much you add is up to you. I am a product of the “Don’t Drown Your Food” generation, so I add just enough so that it sticks together.  Mix. And there it is…turkey salad.  Sometimes I also add dried cranberries, and I guess you could drizzle a little leftover cranberry sauce over your salad. 

Since you probably still have leftovers from Christmas, you can serve this open face on a leftover piece of bread or biscuit. 

This also works well with leftover ham or chicken. 

The good news is that my turkey salad was yummy.  The bad news is the Texans lost.  On some terrible plays…like the giant interception at the end…  But I had a nice lunch. 


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