Christmas is Coming – Last Update

Well, December 1st has come and gone, and here is how I did: 

  1.  All homemade gifts are done. 
  2. I have all of the gifts purchased except for one. 
  3. Christmas cards are ordered. 
  4. Made some meals and have them frozen. 
  5. Decorations are up.
  6. Baking is started, and I will make a batch or two more as needed.  I will not sit here with a house full of cookies as I have in years past.  Nothing good can come from that. 

Am I all done by December 1?  Well, no.  Am I closer than I ever have been before?  Absolutely. 

Honestly, it made for such a nice Thanksgiving break because I was not trying to plan how I was going to get everything done and remain a sane woman.  We did a few things, but not much other than spend time together.  It was amazing. 

The last email I received from Happy Simple Living contained the simple advice of focusing on steps you could take to reduce stress and add joy.  She suggested subtracting over the next few weeks – sending fewer cards, not putting out every decoration we own and not buying any more, getting rid of the busyness of the season to take time for yourself or do simple things with your family.  LOVE THIS!!  We’ve worked on our Christmas card list considerably.  I am also not Martha Stewart, and I am giving myself a pass on trying to emulate her this year.  I am keeping it simple.  I am also taking some time for me before the nuttiness of exams adds to this season.  It is a three day push for exams, and by the end, teachers and students are just done.  I would just like the time to pull any last second stuff together. 

I am not totally finished, but I am pretty close.  I am marking these weeks on the calendar I hope to get for Christmas, and next year I hope to be all done by December 1. 

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