Chicken Broth

This is easy to make, easy to freeze, and super helpful because you always have it on hand.  I don’t know about you, but I have been caught short-handed on this one a few times, and it annoys me.  Plus, have you ever noticed how much salt and other junk is in commercially prepared broth and stock?  Eeeeeuuuuuwwww!!

So here is what you do: 

I buy a rotisserie chicken when I make a Costco run.  I debone the chicken, and add those bones to the large pot.  Save the chicken for later. I do not add the skin because of the salty seasoning on it.   Add roughly chopped veggies – carrots, onions, and celery – to the pot.  You will be straining this, so the veggies do not have to be tiny.  Go ahead and use those little odds and ends of veggies that you have left.  If you would like the taste of salt, add celery leaves instead of throwing them away.  (We are a no salt/low salt family, so this helps us immensely.)  Add water to the pot so that it is mostly full.  Bring to a boil, and then simmer for about 40 minutes.  Strain and let cool.  Now you can:

1.        Just freeze the plain broth in whatever increments you would like.  I use ziplock bags for this. 

2.       Add some of your chicken, and you have a base for chicken and veggie/noodles/rice soup.  I also have made egg drop soup this this base, and it is super yummy.  You can also freeze this in ziplock bags. 

3.       Can the broth in mason jars.  You will need to do this while the broth is hot, and follow the directions for your pressure canner.  I do this more when the weather is cool and my house benefits from the heat this produces….and I get nice jars of broth.  Win!

This also works with turkey, and since Thanksgiving is on its way, let’s not let all of those turkey bones go to waste.


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