I Don’t Measure Up

Wow…that sounds like a stunning judgment on myself.  It’s really not.  Maybe it would be best to say that a good number of recipes I use don’t measure up.  I tend not to measure unless I am making candy, which I rarely do, or baking, which I do much more often. 

I do own measuring cups and spoons, and some of them are some impressive Pyrex ones that my Granny gave me.  And I do use them when I bake because I know that with baking there is a magic chemical thing that goes on to make your baked goods rise, brown, and be generally yummy. 

So why don’t I use them otherwise?

Genetically, this is not my fault. 

I come from a line of non-measurers.  I really do.  I remember asking my Granny to give me several recipes.  Her answer usually included a list of ingredients, some vague directions, and ended with “mix/cook until it looks right.”  No lie, that was really frustrating because I had no idea what that meant, and I was just trying to make jello salad.  But she assured me that I would know.  My Maw-Maw was the same way about several of her recipes. 

Funny story, my family really does have video proof of my Granny not measuring.  My Daddy was making a videotape of Granny trying to teach me how to make her world famous pie crust, crust which would break into a squillion pieces if you so much as breathed on it.  After a good ten minutes of Daddy’s constant narration about how Granny was not measuring and questioning how much is a handful of something, she finally turned to the camera and said, “Don’t you need to go to the office or something?”  In her defense, she was using the measuring cup, as a scooper. 

But, back to the topic – I did learn.  Through trial and some really funny errors (ask my family about the dressing brick), I learned what looked/tasted right.  I know about how much to put in it, and what it looks like when I am using a measuring cup as a scooper. 

I know if my kitchen smells like Maw-Maw’s, then I have the chicken soup recipe right.  And I know that if I take a bite of the sweet potatoes and they taste like I remember Granny’s tasting, then I have it right. 

So maybe I don’t measure, but I am sure that my cooking measures up. 


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