Apple Chips

It is APPLE TIME!!  I have been making these several nights a week, and my guys, as well as my dog, have been eating these at an alarming rate.  I might have eaten a few, but they keep disappearing before I can get another handful. 

You need:

4-5 apples of your choice

Bamboo skewers


  1.  Line the bottom of the oven with foil.  Remove one rack and place the other on the top level. 
  2. Core the apples and thinly slice them.
  3. Line the slices up on the skewers so that they will hang between the slats on your oven rack and the air will circulate.  See picture. 


4.  Barely prop the oven door open with a wooden spoon.

5.  Set the oven to 200 degrees and leave the apples alone for three hours.  Check them after this time.  If they are still squishy, leave them a while longer.  These will crisp up as they cool. 

6.  Remove from the oven. 

7.  Store in a plastic container (not a plastic baggie). 

8.  Enjoy!!


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