Update – Christmas is Coming

I wrote earlier about my attempt to be all done by December 01.  I’m following the instructions on the blog Happy Simple Living, and I think I am making decent progress.  Here’s what has happened so far:

Apple Butter for teacher gifts – this one has not quite happened for several reasons.  First and foremost, most of the apples I bought on sale have gone to make apple chips, which my guys and dog are snarfing down at an alarming rate.  The apples are still on sale, and I am going to pick some up on today so that I can make the apple butter Wednesday after I get home from school.  It will get done this week.

Family pictures for cards – done.  It was fun, and fast, and I am looking forward to seeing the results.  And, we should have those within two weeks, which is plenty of time to get cards made AND cash in on some of the sales on printing pictures.  WIN!!

Budget and list – this gets reviewed and refined every so often.  So far, so good.  Already have a few gifts procured, which puts me way ahead of my usual schedule. 

I just got the email for week 4, which talks about entertaining and planning for that.  First, say no to activities that you always seem to attend but never really like going.  I like that idea.  Second, be sure to block out some time for you and your family and stick to it.  I already have dates on the calendar.  Between end of the semester stuff for both me and my son, end of year stuff for my husband, it is entirely too easy to overschedule.  We are taking time off this year to drive through the neighborhood and look at lights or just hang out together and enjoy the season. 

The last idea is to keep entertaining simple and casual.  Truthfully, we are not big entertainers to begin with, but the idea of casual works for me.  I am not Martha Stewart, and I have no desire to ever be.  One of the best New Year’s parties that we ever had was with the neighbors in our driveway.  We moved out grill out there and grilled fajitas, and everyone brought their own food contributions and furniture, including a couch.  We had a great time because there was no pressure on anyone to do anything or to be the hostess with the mostess.  Try it.  Do something with no pressure.  Invite friends over, let them contribute food or drinks to the party, and leave the worry behind.  Enjoy!!

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