More Attitide of Gratitude

  1.  That moment of kindness that comes when you least expect it but need it the most
  2. The random money that appears in coat pockets
  3. My garden, which produced enough that I could can and freeze this year
  4. When my son turns on the seat warmer for me
  5. Gray, cool days
  6. Things that run on time
  7. My middle school runners, who still call me “Coach” in their sweet little voices
  8. Whoever cleaned my board for me and rewrote everything  I had on there
  9. Sunny, warm days at the beach
  10. Family time doing not much of anything or getting a ton of things done
  11. Family traditions
  12. Watching the seasons change
  13. My crossfit coaches who keep pushing me
  14. Coffee, chocolate, and cheese
  15. Goofy socks
  16. Having things to share
  17. Watching my son grow
  18. A fire on a cold night
  19. Air conditioning in the summer
  20. My job that challenges my every day
  21. Snuggles from my dog
  22. Encouragement
  23. The goofy pictures my kids draw for me
  24. Sunrise and sunset
  25. Being grateful

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