Attitude of Gratitude

In this Thanksgiving season, we all take time to inventory what we are thankful for in our lives.  Good.  However, should we not be grateful all of the time, and not just in November?  A friend of mine once pointed out, “there are those who are blessed beyond deserving, but are too short-sighted to see it.”  That hit me like a ton of bricks because I was one of those people.  My attitude had to change to focus on how I was blessed, and now what I felt like I didn’t have.  Wow – there was a shift.  It then became more about the people, and how important they are to me, than about stuff. 

So here is my list, and it is certainly not all inclusive or in any order, of who I am grateful for in my life:

  1.  My husband – who understands me, supports me, is an amazing friend, and an amazing father
  2. My son – who never ceases to keep my on my toes, and charms me with his goofy smile and his thoughtfulness
  3. My parents – whose love and support means so much
  4. My extended family – who share good times and bad
  5. My friends – who know I am a weirdo and love me anyways
  6. My colleagues – who have great empathy and compassion…and chocolate
  7. My students – who make me laugh and cry and laugh some more
  8. My Crossfit family – who make me pick up the bar again when my body doubts my ability to move
  9. My cousin’s house – where there is always welcome, warmth, and puppy love
  10. The PTA ladies – who have been the source of much fun and “mother hens”
  11. Those who are already gone – who have shown me so much; there is so much that I do now that is a result of what you have taught me
  12. My dog and cat – who leave fur all over the place but are always glad that I am home
  13. The surgeons and staff at St Luke’s Kidney center – whose support and kindness through the donation/transplant process was such a blessing to me and my dad
  14. Farmers and Ranchers – whose hard work puts food on our tables
  15. The people every day that I get to meet and talk to –  you always bring something new and interesting

And I am grateful for all of these and more.  Every single day. 


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