Homemade Jerky

We made jerky at my house this weekend.  I know you are thinking, “Why?  You can get great jerky at Buc-ee’s?” 

Two issues there – most commercially prepared jerky that I have found contain nitrates and/or soy, both of which are on my forbidden list.  Salt is the other issue, and that is on my husband’s forbidden list. 

It was easier than what I thought.  These directions will sound a little vague, but people who love jerky are pretty particular about their protein and seasonings, so those will be up to you. 

  1.  Start by partially freezing the protein of your choice.  Slice into thin strips.  Add seasonings or marinade as you would like.
  2. Remove one of your oven racks and move the other to the top.  Line the bottom of your oven with foil or put a pan in the bottom to catch the drippings.
  3. Take bamboo skewers and lay them across your oven rack.  The place the slices of protein over the skewers and between the rails on your oven rack.  Be sure you have the protein over the lined portion of your oven. 


4.  Turn your oven on to 200 degrees.  Prop the oven door open slightly with a wooden spoon.  Leave the oven alone for four to six hours.  The thinner the slices of protein, the faster it will dry. 

5.  Check to make sure the protein has indeed dried out.  When it has, take it out of the oven, remove from skewers, and let cool.  Store in a large container (not a plastic baggie).  



One thought on “Homemade Jerky

  1. Reblogged this on Simple Thoughts and commented:

    It is starting to feel like fall, which means time to make jerky. Turkey Jerky is in the oven right now…

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