Time Time Time

I am terrible about taking time for myself.  Given the nature of my job, and my desire to overachieve, I am constantly doing stuff.  Sometimes I have no idea why I am doing something, but here I go overachieving again.  So I am committed to start to take some time for myself each day in order to save my sanity.  A few ideas:

1.        Sit outside and enjoy the weather, preferably with a cup of coffee.

2.       Talk to my friends after school instead of running out of there after the last bell. 

3.       Get out and enjoy my garden. 

4.       Read a book that is not for school. 

5.       Knit. 

6.       Knit something for me.

7.       Go running.

8.       Take a walk.

9.       Walk on the beach at sunrise.

10.   Sit on the seawall and drink tea and people watch.

11.   Send a goofy picture to my friends, just because it is silly. 

12.   Play fetch with my dog.

13.   Breathe deeply.

14.   Listen to Christmas music.

15.   Try a new recipe because I want to. 

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